Saturday, April 27, 2013

Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Using Specialized Knowledge Today

An intelligent network marketing truth exposed that my good friend and mentor Brian Redding describes is using specialized knowledge today. He describes the use of specialized knowledge to get traffic to your blog so that people can spread the word about you!

Most people who think of knowledge feel that knowledge is something you acquire from universities, from newspapers and magazines, and from the media like radio and television. This knowledge is called generalized knowledge which will not aid in taking your ideas and dreams and transmute them into their monetary value.

Our elders are always telling us to get an education, go to college, hook up with a company and you will be taken care of for the rest of your life. They tell us that because they also did that and do not know any better.

But specialized knowledge gets acquired by doing a lot of trial and error. This is knowledge which is not found where general knowledge is found.

It may come from what a colleague of our Mastermind Team may say or write. It may come from an idea which might come into our minds when listening and participating on any of our Mentoring for Free skeills call.

We all have been told that for people to be attracted to us on the Internet, we must brand ourselves. We all know that to brand yourself you must post, you should lik and comments other people’s posts, must create a great profile, must create an attractive fan page, and also write a blog about new things that you are learning.

Now how do you write a blog. We have many recorded skills calls which will guide you in writing a blog. It all starts with posting one article maybe every two weeks until that become a habit and become part of your life. Then after you have created this two week habit, you may want to move that habit to once a week and create that new habit. Once you have made this a weekly habit, it will be easy to change your habit and make it twice weekly and even maybe daily. Posting articles becomes easier after you have posted 10 of them. They even become a lot easier after you have posted 50 or 100 of them.

Besides creating your blog, you also must be able to promote your blog. You must get people to read it, like it, and also comment on it. You can help this cause by getting back links by reading other people’s articles and like and add your comments. Since we are all in Network Marketing, we might want to pick a Network Marketing topic to write about. This will attract other Network Marketers to us and other Network Marketers who write blogs. That doesn’t say that you may write on a topic that does not have anything to do with Network Marketing because that will show that you have diversified thinking.

We do not need to acquire all the specialized knowledge so that our minds know everything. But we must know where to go to get the knowledge we need whether that be another Mastermind member or being able to find this knowledge from recorded skills calls, from googling the Internet or even by asking a worker at your Public Library.

Hoping this post will help you light the fire to your acquiring of specialized knowledge as it really has helped me by writing it and getting me to “GET INTO ACTION”.

I must thank all my mentors and Michael and Linda, for all they have done to get me on this road to success and have shown me where I can acquire the specialized education that I need to be successful in this wonderful Network Marketing industry.

Use this network marketing truth exposed using specialized knowledge today each and every day and get a bunch of people sharing your content with others!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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