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Exclusive Home Business Secret Exposed On Using Autosuggestion Today

My good friend Russ Aker has an exclusive home business secret exposed on utlizing autosuggestion to influence your subconscious mind.

The Third Step toward Riches

This Blog is addressed to people in network marketing and
those who may have some understanding about network
marketing. Neither quite knows how success occurs in this
industry of NWM. If you are willing to open your eyes this
Blog will help you see.

There are hundreds of millions of people in network
marketing. Of all these people the statistics show that
over 98% of network marketers struggle and quit or keep
struggling. There is one reason for it. It is an easy
industry to get into with bigger than life promises of
success. But almost everyone fails. Once they join they
have no clue of what to do. They fall into every trap and
do not know where to get truthful information. Neither their
up-line nor their NWM Company can provide it. I know you
know this, or you would not be reading this Blog. You are
searching for truth as I was.

I can prove to you and show you how to move to the other
side of 98%, and why your lack of success is not your
fault... Now, I am no Guru…but I have found the truth. I
will point you there. Let’s find out. What I am about to tell
you is simple. It is true, BUT…yes there is a, catch...IT
TAKES REAL WORK. The difference between those who
move to the other side and those who struggle and quit is
1.) The effort they apply every day. 2.) The “right kind” of
effort. Yes network marketing does require key skills,
personal development and effort. If you adopt #2 you will
achieve your hearts desire.

We'll look at a few key steps. If everything that has ever
been created by man stems from imagination and thought
then wouldn’t you agree, “THOUGHTS ARE THINGS”?

Most of us have passing thoughts, but for us no mater how
creative the thought, we let it pass. “Some people” act on
thought and creative ideas. Look around you. Pick out a
few of the high tech devices you have within arms reach.
You can add the name of the creative individual who gave
that devise physical existence. What is the difference
between them and us?

Would it be ok if I ask you “Are you satisfied with your
current point in life? Your job? Your income? Your
freedom of choice? Are your choices limited because of
time and money? Would you make other choices if you
had more personal time and money? What if, just what if?
What if you made a change in your current thinking? What
is the difference between “them” and us?

Answer: The difference is they acted on their “day dreams”.
They ceased being “day dreaming thoughts”. They “took
action” on thought, and followed up with the principles to
transmute thought into a reality, a physical existence.

You and I are very fortunate; in network marketing the
creative thought of a great company to join has been
created for us. We must only do a few things to manifest
our dreams to reality.

There are certain principles, “laws of success” that are
required. Those creative individuals we spoke of earlier
tapped into these principles instinctively. Most of us have
no clue as to what they are, that they even exist and they
sure don’t seem to inherently manifest in us. We need to
find a truthful resource for help. Many have read about the
principles, very few give action to them certainly not the
sustained action needed.

We will cover the first three principles. It starts with
thought. Everyone has that. It is the thoughts we focus
on and what we do with the correct thought that make the

Principle one, you must have a burning DESIRE to manifest
thought into physical existence. Principle two, you must
have FAITH, believing you can even without current
evidence. Principle three, AUTOSUGGESTION,
autosuggestion is defined as, the medium for influencing
your subconscious mind. Basically you must reprogram
yourself into believing YOU CAN. You are coming from a life
of programming toward, go to school, getting a job, save
money, work 40 years and someday retire. Look at the world,
the economy and the cycles over time. We are so fortunate
today to have this other option, Network Marketing.

Reprogramming yourself to believe you can tap in to this
option will cause you to take the correct action. The
correct action will cause you to materialize results. Results
will cause you to believe, reinforcing DESIRE.

There are additional principles that apply and other
strategies that will guarantee your success. These three
will lead you to the others. Plugging into a system of
personal development to help ensure you begin here and
develop the other key principles for success is paramount.

Next, you must learn how to tap into a top creative
company in network marketing. We call these Five-Pillar
companies. You must apply the proper due diligence in
identifying a Five-Pillar company. You must understand
how network marketing business models drive the
behavior of the company and the distributors in the field.
Understanding this is critical to your success. You must
understand what being all in means. When you
understand the truth, you will learn as I did and many
before me that you will have to make changes to what you
are currently doing in network marketing…you will have to
make what seems like tough decisions. The Five-Pillars
were crucial in my decisions, and by doing the actual due-
diligence the decision was clear.

At ‘Mentoring for Free’ you will learn the personal
development skills of the 13 principles for success. You
will learn to identify a Five-Pillar company. You will come
to understand how business models of companies drive
the behavior and what to stay away from. You are looking
for Five-Pillar companies of integrity, companies that
reinforce and embody the 13 principles and five laws of
stratospheric success.

I looked at the NWM Co. I was in a little closer. It did have
great products and I was very loyal to the product. The
timing in the industry was right. I made a discovery. Due
diligence revealed three of the five pillars were missing
from my company. Then I asked myself. Now that I know
the truth, how can I sponsor someone in to my
company…As a person of some integrity, I just could not. I
knew if I was educating others on the five pillars, the
people I sponsored would soon learn I had misled them.
My next question, if I am not in a five pillar company, is my
mentor? If they are the person of integrity I believe them to
be, they must be. I did the due diligence…they were. It
took me several more months of “Procrastination” to
“Decide” to ask, “Can I join you?”

Again, Principle Three, Autosuggestion is critical and key
to your success. The top 2% would not be where they are
had it not been for the practice of this key third principle.
Remember we all start in the same place, but end up what
seems worlds apart. Doesn’t it make sense to tap in to
what the top leaders in NWM are doing…?

Are you willing to tap in, if so, "Step 1.) Ask the person who
invited you to read this blog for the free eBook “Success
in 10 Steps”.

Remember if you decide not to use this home business secret exposed on utlizing autosuggestion to influence your subconscious mind the opportunity will go to other people.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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