Saturday, April 20, 2013

Exclusive Home Business Truth Revealed On Your First Sentence Today

An exclusive home business truth revealed on your first sentence today is that it is the most important part of your presentation, blogpost, video or anything else that you do in your business life and in your personal life as well. I listened to an audio this morning by Tom Big Al Schrieter and he mentioned that if your first sentence is good, the rest of the presentation can be lousy or anything but if you have a bad first sentence forget the rest of the thing. You will be disturbing people with all the good stuff that you have to give them because they do not want to even hear it.

The ladies make up their mind about a guy within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. If they do not like the guy within the first 30 seconds they tell him or signal to him to leave her alone. Here is how a guy makes his first sentence to the girl if he wants her to marry him. Before he puts on the ring on her finger he tells her "If you marry me then on Tuesday nights we will go out to dinner, Friday nights we will take walks in the park and on Sunday night I will take out the trash." If she likes him then the sale is going to be made. They are married. Here is an example of a guy who likes a girl but unfortunately she does not like him in the end. "If you marry me then you get to keep this ring." That sentence tells her nothing because a ring is a gift and a gift has a short term effect and doing things together and having fun have a long term effect.

Do you now understand why you can't live without an excellent first sentence? Now the ball is in your court regarding this exclusive home business truth revealed on your first sentence today.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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