Saturday, April 27, 2013

Network Marketing Truth Revealed On Dropping Agenda Immediately

A top network marketing truth revealed is to drop your agenda immediately or else your prospect will do business with someone else.

Michael Oliver said find out if that person has a problem that he wants to solve with you. You may be asking yourself how? Here is what I learned this morning on a conference call. Tom Big Al Schrieter mentioned that he frequently hears this question do I lead with the product or do I lead with the opportunity. What you lead with is common sense. Are you listening to what your prospect wants to have or are you dumping information on him that he does not want or need? Lets say he is a really sick man then why would you want to give him the business? No reason to there. Another thing is lets say you talk about movies or are having a conversation with sports with him. Why would you talk about business then? The only way you can lead into it is if you ask him. Do you get to watch tv or go to the movies as often as you'd like or whatever the case is. And ask them if you do not know them that well "have you considered doing something about it?" and if you are good friends with them ask them "would you like to do something about it?" If they say I am under doctors care then leave them alone, but if they ask "How can I order?" Then give them yourwebsite and follow up with them within 48 hours.

The bottom line of this network marketing truth revealed is to cut your agenda out of the equation and listen to your prospect because Lee Lemons said once that he used to look for the person who can make friends because that is the only person who should get into this business, and listening is the way!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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