Sunday, August 17, 2014

Top MLM Leadership Tip On Keeping It Simple Today

This morning I listened to a conference call done by Richard Dennis and what hit me is the following mlm leadership tip: The most important part of being a leader is to keep things simple. 96% of your organization will be building their businesses on a part time basis and they don't have time for trial and error.

They come in with this employee mentality of having a SYSTEM in mind and they want to have a SYSTEM here as well. Think about this: Mc Donalds is a multi billion dollar corporation and they have a SYSTEM and teenagers who live locally work there and run their system. They have a system of making the Big Macs, French Fries the yogurt parfait etc. And this here is no different.

They also want to have people who want what they have. That is a mob of hungry people! If the people aren't hungry for the food then they are not going to want anything. Too many times people are chasing people who do not want to have anything to do with our business. Richard Dennis can't convince anyone to join him in his business and if someone on his team does it is NOT duplicatable.

Another reason why the system must be kept simple because it is necessary for people to develop a sense of urgency. That is doing today what others won't so that tommorow they can have what others can't. When Richard Dennis was 23 years old he worked in a factory in Tempe Arizona with college students and he had a co worker who was in his mid forties who worked for 18 years there. And his coworker mentioned "Another week gone by". Now we are not sure if we had a pension or not but that is secondary to this topic. What matters is that we do not want to have to live lives with challenges. We want to have fun and accomplish whatever we'd like. Therefore we must keep our system so that the Walmart worker and medical doctor can build their company.

Now it is your turn to put into ACTION this mlm leadership tip on keeping things simple!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld