Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lesson Plan Art Of Sex Transmutation

The art of sex transmutation is as follows: ENTHUSIASM which means people notice that you are on FIYAH!

The other day I went on my companys One Team One Mission and I loved the stories on how one lady had went from borrowing
money to get started in her business to being the top income earner. And another story one how one woman who at first didn't
believe she could do it for the first six months pulled the trigger when she saw the top money earner at a local college.

She ran with it. And to be a part of a company with a flagship product and sharing it with others just like Henry Ford shared the
automobile is a miracle!

This weekend I am going to a singles weekend event and I will sharing what I do for a living with others. If one person joins me
in the business and becomes the top money earner then this trip will have been worth it!
See you at the top!


Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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