Saturday, August 2, 2014

Exclusive MLM Tip On Listening Today

An exclusive mlm tip on listening today that I learned from Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis is to listen to what your prospect is saying or else you are dead in the water. Tom Big Al Schrieter traveled around the world and asked the prospects to rate the most important thing on joining a company. The most important one is Who Gave The Presentation?

The most important part of the equation is yourself because people join people whom they know, like and trust in business and they also buy products from them as well. Upline support is secondary, they want to know if YOU will be able to help them because they are going to be working with you NOT your sponsor.

So another point of it is this: If you do not have a plan on being a leader in this industry then face facts and get out of the game, because people are being trained by you from the first minute that you open your mouth. And if you are uncertain about something and they see it in your voice then they will see it and your prospect will say goodbye to you.

The third thing is training provided, they want to know if you can point them to a training call or anything that will help them build their business. I am not going to go into all ten of those right here but so many people think they have to explain the company owners experience, marketing plan and the product ingredients. The rest are a waste!!

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Click Here To Save Years Of Failure & Frustration
Lawrence Bergfeld

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