Monday, August 25, 2014

Lesson Plan On The Brian

Positive emotions need to be there. That means listening to the ideas spoken by our mastermind group that work and testing new ones as well. The more we act on them the better we get. We have here thousands of thoughts and ideas on these calls that we can blog about, do a video about, etc. How many places in this world are they where there are great thoughts and ideas that can be put to use? As far as I know very few. We have to leave all negativity and skepticism at the door and never return to it because those two emotions are destructive.

We have a great opportunity here to shine. Lets just ACT on what we learn immediately and lets get over whatever is stopping us. The people who said that the depression did not matter to them and more importantly acted during the dark time of our history became millionaires. So what is our excuse? Answer is nothing.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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