Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exclusive MLM Secret Exposed On Fear

                               An exclusive mlm secret exposed on fear is that it is unreal. It is only a state of mind. You have been programmed for fear ever since you were five years old. By your mother, your father, uncles and aunts, brothers & sisters and others.

                              Fear paralyzes success. There is an old saying that the more you do something over and over again, the more attractive it becomes to you. Therefore fear brings in more fear. The only way to kill fear is to take massive action. I learned from my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy that you have to tell   stories because stories sell due to the fact that people believe how you feel about something more than anything else. If something does not make you cry or make you laugh and you sound to the others dull then they are not going to follow you. The only way people will join you in your business is if you can relate to them. Lets say you are struggling for instance in your business and you tell your mentor that. Here is what happens when he helps you get back on track. This is an example of what he can say: I felt that way too when I started, but I learned that I had to learn the skills and avoid changing what already worked for the people who had already achieved success. Once I used the skills on a daily basis and got results then I was on my way. If you do not have experience in the business yet then tell your uplines experience. Because for some reason, do not ask me why people believe third party stories and third party testamonials as well.

                               Remember that facts tell and stories sell. And when you are someone who is comming for service just like the waiteress at IHOP does at breakfast time. The agenda is gone. For instance when someone says no to coffee the waitress does not continue pouring coffee down into someones cup until it spills. She just gives him the coffee and when he says no to it the waitress does not take it personal. The waitress knows that there are other people who want coffee.

                                Hope this mlm secret exposed helps and just use it!

                                                                         Lawrence Bergfeld

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