Saturday, November 17, 2012

MLM Secret Exposed On Trust

                        This morning I listened to a Steven Covey audio and I learned an mlm secret exposed on trust is that you can do all the good for others but if they do not trust you then it is meaningless. So how do you develop trust. You develop trust by doing what you will say that you will do. Avoid using the words "I promise" because what if that does not work? Then the relationship is on its way out and restoring trust is very difficult to do. When someone asks you to do something for them and you do not know what to do. Say "I am not sure" and/or "I am not promising". But most people who did that accomplished the following...depending on the situation. That way you avoid compromising yourself.

                          Another thing you have to do is to say no to something that you do not want to do even if the other person is upset with that. Because if you give in by saying yes and do not do a good job then the other person will not trust you anymore no matter how much he insisted for you to do something at the very beginning. Take a deep breath and get educated on the subject matter. After being educated on the subject matter and you see yourself saying "I can do this?" then go for it. Another thing allow yourself a time limit on getting educated because too many people fall into the trap of never using what they learn. And knowledge that does not get used in life means that you do not know anything.

                          Also avoid saying the words to be honest and to tell you the truth because you are telling the other person a lie. You just want to cover up something. Now it is up to you to use this mlm secret exposed on trust.

                                                                              Lawrence Bergfeld

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