Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shocking Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Cross Recruiting

                             The network marketing truth exposed on cross recruting is so shocking is because it can ruin your success in an instant. Here is how it can happen. Lets say that you go to your companys convention and you bond with someone. At the end of the convention you exchange telephone numbers and e-mail address. Two weeks later your friend notifies you that he joined an affiliate program where he is making 90 % commissions selling a bunch of CDs to network marketers on the internet. And he brags to you how much money he has made in the last couple of hours. You decide to buy the hype and you join him. He just cross line recruited you because every network marketing company does not distributors from different downlines to recruit each other into different deals while building their network marketing businesses.                

                             Think about this. If you are making every single month lots of money from your primary network marketing company and then you start at the same time selling stuff on the internet that pay you a one time sale for just selling something. Doesn't it make sense to stay focused? Of course it does because if a person does not he could get terminated from his network marketing company and plus he gets distracted because you can not be building two companies at the same time.                  

                             Lets look at the following: Once a person gets terminated from their network marketing company for doing that illegal move then there is trouble with the new affiliate program for two reasons. The government can shut them down and once they stop selling those CD cases they do not get paid. And they will be left with nothing because their previous monthly network marketing check will be gone due to their termination from the company.                   

                            To avoid having to deal with the shocking network marketing truth exposed on cross recruting build a company once, build it big to pay to pay your childrens children. You can invest in something else or do whatever else you want to do with the money after you received the big check each month for a while.

                                                                                                        Lawrence Bergfeld

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