Sunday, December 16, 2012

MLM Secret Exposed On Sweet Victory Today

This is my good friend and mentor Ernest Tuckers lesson plan on the mlm secret exposed on having a sweet victory today. It all starts with your dream your goal when you are growing up. You dreamed of being a cowboy a champion a millionaire a famous race driver. Where would this world be if we didn’t have dreamers like Edison, Barnes, Ford, Helen Keller, the Wright Brothers, Warner Von Braun, or FDR building the dams for electric power from the water? There are still many goals left to be found in this age. The individual goal we seek in making a living with our home business. We have a burning desire with persistence and faith along with a mentor teaching us of how. Have a why that makes you cry, say your self talk hundreds of times daily. Never have any negative thoughts only think positive. Have a white hot burning desire in reaching our goals. We all have the same goal we want to reach, we all are learning from the same mentor and school; however we all take a different path. Some of us walk, ride a bike, call on the phone, swim, take a plane or ride on a bus but they all lead to the same point, our goal in life if we follow the instruction of our mentor. Some reach their goal in a month, some in a year, some in two years, and some longer. Many stop turn around and go back and quit but the ones that reach their goals never ever quit. They might struggle, stumble or stop for a rest but they get up and keep on going forward. Your desire for riches is just 3 feet in front of you not behind you. Think and Grow Rich, Success in 10 Steps and Michael have taught me what I need and how to accomplish it. I have struggled I have fallen down but I have never let negative thoughts make me quit I am not a quitter. I have walked the trail, swam the trail, flew the trail but I have always gone forward and never looked, walked swan or flown backwards. My goal was forward my fight for success has and will always be forward. This Chapter is the beginning of a new life a new me. I have read it many times and each time it gets better and better. Thanks to Shelly Michael and Linda and their families. If it wasn’t for them my life would have ended a long time ago. Are you ready to use the mlm secret exposed on accomplishing your sweet victory today or are you going to leave it sitting on the table? Lawrence Bergfeld


                                                                         Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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