Saturday, December 8, 2012

Home Business Secret Revealed On Controlling Your Mind Today

Here is how Ernest Tucker uses the home business secret revealed on controlling his mind for massive success in network marketing today.

Thoughts are things. The very first thing that Hill tells us in Think and Grow Rich. How Barnes though his way into becoming a partner with Edison. 

Thoughts are powerful things we think what we are. If we thing we are rich, we are. If we think we can, we can. If we think we are building a great home business, we are. If we think we have persistence, we do. If we think we have faith, we do. It is what we think that counts. Having a burning desire and a great determination, saying your self talk 400 times a day (as Michael tells us) works. Removing our negative thoughts throwing them away, burning them or kicking them in the river and replacing them with positive thoughts works.

Our brain doesn’t care if our thoughts are negative or positive it will plant them and they will grow. Our brain is like a field a farmer plows fertilizes and plants his seeds and keeps them watered. They will grow along with bad seeds that someone tossed in the field and also weeds. When they grow along with the good seeds we have to pull the bad ones up and throw them away, burn them or toss them in the river.

We have to learn to control or thoughts like Barnes he had a burning desire and burned his bridges behind him so the only way he could go was forward. We have to have the persistence like the little colored girl taking one step forward, when Barns was about to whip her, yelling in a loud voice “My mommy’s gotta have that fifty cents!” 

I know I have had many positive thoughts and plenty negative thoughts. I have survived both but the positive thoughts have been the rewarding ones like “I think what I am” like Hill says “We think what we are” and “Thoughts are things”
Every morning I talk a walk to the river and watch the sun creep above the trees across the river laying a golden carpet to me. I am now saying my self talk several hundred times a day and pulling my negative thoughts (the weeds and posin plants) up and throwing them in the river. My dreams and desires are slowing coming to reality.

Thanks to Shelly for calling me and opening my mind and caring For Michael believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself. And for all my wonderful friends I now have on MFF. I am approaching my goal.

Utilize this home business secret revealed on controlling your mind to take your business to a whole new level or continue missing out on success.

                                                                                       Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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