Saturday, December 22, 2012

Use Faith Wisely To Get Champion MLM Results Today

This is my lesson plan on how to use faith wisely to get mlm results today. A person needs to believe that they can get results before they see it. That is having faith. The person who says that he believes things when he sees them has doubt! Edwin Barnes saw himself being the partner of Thomas Edison from the first second that he met him face to face. Everybody thought that he was just another worker there. But Edison did NOT. In his mind he was the business partner of Thomas Edison EVERY SINGLE MINUTE that he was on the clock. He was not promised anything. He did whatever Edison told him to do. That is "being coachable". He did not say that he will be looking for the next shiny object incase he did not get what he wanted in the organization. He just did it! Another thing a person must have in any business is open mindedness for new ideas. If you do not have an open mind then face facts and get out of the game right now. It will save your health. Take action on the new ideas by creating a plan. Then set your goals to accomplish it. Mark on your calendar a due date, just like your teacher in school gave due dates for your research papers. They called it deadlines there. Here it is the SAME THING. If you do not have a deadline then you are dreaming and are only happy which does little good for you in the long run because the key to success is making your dreams come true. And when you meet the deadlines over and over again just like the Slight Edge says, eventually you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Another thing is that you have your own mind. You do not need to listen to the the Doctor and his opinion. That person who went to the operating room was told by the doctor that he would not make it. He did not listen to him. So if Napoleon Hill tells us some non fiction story then lets just LISTEN! And furthermore that guy Blair was born deaf. Napoleon Hill planted in Blairs mind that he would be able to hear and it worked. He was someone who earned money on the streets and did not give into his mothers fear that something would happen to him. "And whenever he wanted something he would plan a way to earn it then buy it for himself. He did not cry like his big brother has. He knew that there was no such thing as something for nothing. Henry Ford the guy who invented the automobile started in poverty. BUT he used the tools what he had to build the first horseless carriage. He did not wait for opportunity to favor him. Because if he did then opportunity would have gone to someone else. Now is our opportunity to have massive success by taking massive action. Lets not talk, lets DO IT! If you decide not to use what you learned from this lesson plan to get mlm results then it is your loss. Lawrence Bergfeld


                                                                         Lawrence Bergfeld

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