Sunday, September 14, 2014

Victorious Network Marketing Truth Revealed On Action Today

Russ Aker writes a victorious network marketing truth revealed on taking action today NOT tommorow because if we do it tommorow then we will run out of time and miss out on the fun stuff. There is no such thing as maybe. The word maybe is a destructive word due to the fact that the true word of maybe means no, especially with respect to taking massive action. The only way that fear gets eliminated is by taking ACTION.

Furthermore the more frequently we do an activity the better we get at it. It is no different than using the Slight Edge philosophy by taking small actions every day. Lets say for instance you talk to two people per day. It is easy to do and it is also easy not to do. Lets say you talk to two people per day for 30 days. That is a total of 60 people. And if it is a year that is a total of 720 people. You may not notice a difference after week one. But in 6 months you will be halfway there which is 360 people which is of course a big difference. Here is what you will learn from Russ Akers lesson.

Think & Grow Rich

An intangible impulse of thought can be transmuted into
reality using the principles Hill describes in each chapter.
Riches begin with a state of mind, the idea, the Desire, the
plan and purpose coming into our minds. The key is
acquiring and maintaining the correct state of mind.
Honestly, where are your THOUGHTS focused?

Where do ideas come from? Hill tells us in subsequent
chapters, Autosuggestion, Imagination, the Master Mind
principle, Subconscious Mind, Sixth Sense and more...

The principle of Faith is key to all the above and will cause
one to manifest their Desires. Ideas - “Thoughts” will begin
to transmute to assets. But, you must eliminate doubtful

T&GR is a philosophy of rules that has made so many others
successful. Are you willing to stake your success on these
rules? Are you willing to study and come to understand and
apply these rules? Are you truly success conscious or failure
conscious? Do you really know what is required to be
success conscious? It all has to do with Thought, having
Faith I can and I am. But, you must eliminate doubtful

Where are your Thoughts focused? What keeps coming up
for you? Is it Doubt, Indecision, failure to act? Staking
everything with Faith and taking action on the six steps to
Desire Persistently over time is success conscious. Are you
doing that? Do you believe that you can “Think and Grow
Rich”. Do you really know what Thinking and Growing Rich

What have been your true thought habits toward the Success
you are now seeking? Are you more often focused in Faith
for success or does your focus continually turn to doubt? Can
you be honest with yourself? Are you able and willing to see
and stop doubt the moment it occurs or does it grow for a
time unchecked? Did you know doubt is the stronger power
because doubt is our default mindset? Doubting takes no
work, no effort or action it just shows up unannounced and
has its way with us. In the best of times Doubt is the party
crasher, leaving us with a personal “Pity Party” of doubt.

Thoughts are things. We have always got what we wanted.
Most people doubt they can have what they Desire and let
doubting thoughts manifest what they get, the leftovers, the
crumbs and the Pity Party, “woe is me”.

Desires – knowing what one wants having Faith it will be
mine. When the party crasher shows up it will be immediately
barred from entry. In this Introductory chapter Hill tells us we
need to turn our Thoughts to a more productive mindset and
gives examples. The rest of the book consists of detailed
instructional principles and how to do just that.

Are you willing to accept the leftovers? I ended my last
lesson with this “THOUGHT” from Hill - If one has to Fear
something, Fear this, “Life is a checkerboard, and the
player opposite us is TIME. If we hesitate before moving,
or neglect to move promptly, we will be wiped off the board
by time. We are playing against a partner who will not
tolerate INDECISION!”…Thoughts?

Russ Aker
Portland OR.

Now it is time to use this network marketing truth revealed on taking action today and I suggest you purchase and read the book the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and implement it, I personally read it and I am using it. Richard Dennis last night did a call on that topic and I will be happy to give you the recorded audio of it!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Amazing. I love what Aker writes about taking action and not waiting. Ive known a lot of individuals in my life who've played the "oh whoa is me" card but had so much potential. They just never took the step to move forward with even sowing their idea into the field. Or discussing it in a group think tank. This is a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing. Its very encouraging.

    1. You are welcome Danielle and you are right about potential being meaningless without action. Even if a person knows little about what he does but takes ACTION he eventually figures out what he has to do to accomplish his or her goal. Any action is better than no action at all!

      Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. This is so inspiring. Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith and start doing things.

    1. You definitely do have to start doing things. Less communication and more action! The more action we take the better we get at the skill.

      Lawrence Bergfeld