Sunday, September 28, 2014

Top Network Marketing Truth Revealed On Using Faith Today

What I like about the network marketing truth revealed on using faith today is that Stephen Porter expects people to do what he wants them to do, because that is a sign of thinking that this business definitely can be done. If you think you can then you can, therefore Stephen Porter is attracting what he is. We all can learn how to be in control of our faith just like he is and teach our team to do the same thing just like Stephen Porter is. Lets just believe that it will work. And lets not forget our self talk because what we put out to the universe is what we attract!

Without my personal faith, I would be lost! I am a spiritual man.
I am not a religious fanatic. I do not even attend a church building.
But, I have church every day in my home, in my Jeep, at my law office,
in Court, wherever I am! I pray constantly!

I also have personal faith in my network marketing business. I have faith
in my network marketing mentors. I have faith in my customers. I have
faith in my distributors. I have faith that I will achieve the desires of my
heart. I have faith that I will continue to acquire the cooperation of others
and that they will serve me and my purposes in direct proportion to my
ability to prove my service to others.

My religious personal faith grows because of my prayers. My network
marketing business faith grows because of my self-talk. These two,
prayer and self-talk, are two of my greatest and most valuable assets!

When I combine my prayer with my self-talk and then I add the daily
habit of my skills application, I believe and act as if I cannot and will
not fail when building my network marketing business. Whether I am
marketing online or offline, my faith is so strong now that I, literally,
expect people to do what I want them to do! And, this is a great
feeling to possess! To know that I now am in total control of my own
destiny! And, now, I also enjoy being able to teach these things to
others to help them to become as confident as I am in their ability
to, likewise, be in total control of their own destiny!

Thank you and Best Wishes, Always!

Steve Porter - Hannibal, Missouri

Now lets set goals with deadlines when taking massive action and lets have a plan to do so. Because a goal without a plan of action is just a wish. Lets set 30 day goals and meet them. 3 month gaols and meet them, six months, etc. That is the only way the network marketing truth revealed on using faith today is done!

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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