Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exclusive MLM Leadership Tip On Controlling Mind Today

The most important mlm leadership tip that a person can put to use is to control his or her mind. Because if you can't control your mind then you can not control anything. You want to make your own decisions and never lean on someone for anything nor listen to people who do not know what they are talking about. And everybody knows that what you think about you bring about. So make sure that you avoid feeding your mind junk food! Feed it something nutritious! Like bannana and apple & falafel!

Chapter 1—Thoughts Are Things

When I was a senior in college I enrolled in a class required for elementary education majors. The first day of Science Methods the professor told us that our assignment was to answer the question, “What is life?” We had to create a self-sustaining, living environment and then “prove” our theory.

As a college student, I had bought into the illusion that I was on the yellow brick road to success. After all, I was proficient at regurgitating the answers that gave me an A on tests. But this class made my head spin; I was totally out of my comfort zone! There were NO textbooks; just our minds.

It was the most UNCOMFORTABLE class I ever experienced --and the one I remember the most. This professor was more interested in developing Critical Thinking Skills in his students, than in test scores.

Many people look at the book “Think and Grow Rich,” arch their eyebrows and give a slight chuckle to the book’s title. They dismiss the book without realizing they are holding a book that has helped many people improve their lives.

Some people read page after page searching for the “Secret.” They finish the last chapter still confused.

The secret is simple. So simple that Hill titles the opening chapter with the secret spelled out crystal clear.


But sometimes it is that which is simple that confounds. For those of us who have a stronghold of limiting beliefs, we want to make it “hard.” Then we can blame our parents, our education, where we lived, what we ate for dinner, or whatever else we want to blame…instead of taking responsibility for the real reason of our under-earning lives.

If we can “Think and Grow Rich” then the opposite is also true. We can “Not Think and Be Poor.” (Either Default Thinking-which is apathy OR Full blown Negative Thinking. Neither will create wealth!)

You see, it all comes down to our thoughts. God created us uniquely different from the animals. He gave us a spark of the Divine when He created within us the ability to not only think and dream, but the ability to CONTROL our minds.

Michael Dlouhy teaches, “Control your mind and you will own your life.”

Steve Porter recently shared his personal declaration based on that principle, “I am learning to control my mind so that I can own my life and own my fortune.”

“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey talks about a principle, “Begin with the End in Mind.” With that valuable principle in mind, let’s flip back to last week’s lesson, where we read Hill’s powerful words in Chapter 15—Outwitting the Six Ghosts of Fear.”

“You have ABSOLUTE control over but one thing, and this is your thoughts. This is the most significant and inspiring of all facts known to man! It reflects man’s divine nature. This DIVINE prerogative is the sole means by which you may control your own destiny. If you fail to control your own mind, you may be sure you will control nothing else…Your mind is your spiritual estate! Protect and use it with the care to which divine royalty is entitled. You were given a will-power for this purpose….Mind control is the result of self-discipline and habit. You either control your mind or it controls you. There is no half-way compromise.”

So here’s the million dollar question I ask myself:

Are my thoughts leading me to Success or are they leading me to Failure?

It’s completely MY choice. I have the power to change my destructive thought patterns by saying Self-Talk and by taking Action. (BTW: No one can change them for me!) I feed my mind only that which is positive and nutritious and STARVE it from anything that holds me captive from attaining the life I desire.

My mind is my spiritual estate. A royal treasure! That, my friends, is worth learning to control!

So I too declare:

I am committed to controlling my mind, so that I may own my life, and own my fortune.

Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio

Control your mind & control your fortune by using this mlm leadership tip!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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  1. Being able to control your mind and decisions is very important, sometimes it's tough though.

    1. It definitely is tough but we got to get over it and take control of our thoughts! Because if we are incharge then we become unstoppable!

      Lawrence Bergfeld

  2. You know, there really are some advantages to fainting (like getting a nice nap in). ;)

    1. Its great to take a nice nap because you feel refreshed!


      Lawrence Bergfeld