Thursday, April 24, 2014

Top MLM Success Secret Exposed On Mastermind Group Today

What I learned from the top mlm success secret exposed on using what you learned from your mastermind group today is that you can't be indimidated by those who are more successful than you and those who have more money than you. A person must learn to do what the successful people do because they are out there to help you. As a matter of a fact people who are living in lack are the ones who are greedy and secretive.

Chapter 10--Power of the Mastermind

On Saturday night's Coaches Corner call Michael asked the question,

"What do you believe is one of the main judgments people have?"

I knew the answer because I've had this prejudice all of my life. Perhaps it was in my upbringing or maybe my own self-devised programs, but I've always felt "less than" whenever I'm around wealthy people. Successful people were smarter than me, more responsible than me, and definitely MORE than me.

Several years ago I was appointed to serve on an Ohio state-wide committee to improve kindergarten readiness. There were about 50 highly successful individuals from various educational and state agencies: school superintendents, state School Board members, deans of universities, and even a former governor. I was the sole representative of faith based schools.

I was incredibly intimidated by all these successful people. Lots of time was spent in the bathroom before I could even enter the meeting room. Basically I jumped to the conclusion that because of their prestigious titles, they had generous salaries, lived in beautiful homes, and drove luxury cars. I judged them as being superior to me and that affected my entire experience.

Hearing Michael lead the Mastermind discussion transported me back to that grueling experience.

Where else has my prejudice towards people with money shown up in my life? How has it held me back from achieving my own dreams of success?

Probably more than I can imagine.

Last night I was clicking through old pictures on my computer and saw the first snapshot I had taken with Michael and Linda. I remember thinking at that moment "Why in the world do these successful people want to spend time with me?" I knew they owned their life because of network marketing. I wanted that as well, but was clueless as to how to make it happen.

Over the past four years Michael and Linda have become like family to me. I have been in their home and looked at Michael's Vision Board. I see the belief he has in my success. In ALL of our success.

Being in a Mastermind requires a Decision. You can choose to stay stuck in your ways OR you can be willing to transform those parts of you that hold you back. That requires some transparency and vulnerability, which although uncomfortable, is also liberating.

I choose to let go of the Prejudice that holds me back. Instead I will use my Desire for success to be as gasoline thrown onto a fire.

Thank you Michael and Linda for this MASTERMIND which quickens those parts of us that need to be changed and sharpens us so that we too can own our lives.

Burn, baby, burn!
Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio

One last thing about applying the top mlm success secret exposed is to eliminate the words like can't and don't because those are limiting beliefs, lets dump all limiting beliefs and do whatever it takes to get to the top using the mastermind group. It takes a team to get to the top!

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this with us, Lawrence. It's good to be able to see how we are holding ourselves back from success, even without realizing. This is powerful. Awesome.

  2. You are welcome Jeanne and this could be the key that helps us move forward!

    Lawrence Bergfeld