Saturday, October 12, 2013

Champion MLM Secret Revealed On Using Sixth Sense To Get To The Top Today

What I learned from this lesson on the Sixth Sense done by Ernest Tucker is a champion mlm secret revealed on using the sixth sense in business and in life so that I can grow into that leader whom people want to be in business with. Because this is the Sixth Sense it makes it easier for me to get the feeling when an important situation around me is happening.

The sixth sense is a portion of the subconscious mind, a receiving set of plans, ideas, thoughts, hunches that pop into your mind. It has also been known as creative imagination along with many whom often say it has preformed miracles and is oftened referred to as a “guardian angel”.

In my life time I have learned to never question what happens to you. 99% of the time there was a reason (if you believe in faith).
I have had my Angel sitting on my shoulder many many times and made sure nothing happened to me even when my sixth sense failed to warn me or help me.

I remember a time when a small lizard crawled up my leg and learned how to accept help from others. I remember when a small girl jumped in my lap and hugged me and said “thank you for my freedom” I learned how to accept thanks. I remember when I was driving home from Florida and say a lady with a small child in arms sitting beside her car. I stopped changed her tire and she told me she was taking her child to the hospital I knew my sixth sense was working.

I have learned we need to say our self talk and have a mastermind group we need to talk to every day. I say my self talk hundreds of times daily, talk to that guy in the mirror and as I sit by the river every morning and watch the sunrise and talk to my spiritual master mind group. It has taken many months for me to change my life thank those who believe in me and begin to enjoy a wonderful life.

I thank Shelly for getting me to join MFF and Michael for getting me to join 30 mental cleanse and for all the people in MFF for their help. Through ever ones that is helping I am slowing crawling to the top and I will be their soon. Nothing is more important than my why which is coming to life day by day. Move over black diamonds I’m on my way up.

An example of this mlm secret revealed on the sixth sense can be definitely used when a new idea comes up and I have the feeling that this is the plan to create and of course USE it!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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