Monday, October 14, 2013

Top Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Tapping Into Emotions Today

A top network marketing secret revealed is to tap into emotions because people do not make up their mind based on logic, especially not women. Women are tuned into their feelings much more than men are. They are the one who are better listeners than me. They can pick up when a situation is not supposed to be happening. My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy says that women can read mens minds. But it does not work vice versa. Michael has to ask his wife what she wants him to do in certain situations because he understands it better than getting indirect hints from her.

Another thing is that women can pick up whether something is true or not better than men without any proof. For instance at one time our good friend and mentor Tuula Rands knew that she had to download the free e-book Success In Ten Steps from an article that Michael Dlouhy put up, because she had the feeling that what he was saying was the truth.

What us guys must learn is how to listen. Because in the network marketing industry 68% are women. For instance when they are thrilled about the results of how a product changed their life for the better. They tell all their friends about it, where as most guys keep it a secret. Personally I think it is silly to keep anything as a secret, especially the effect of what a product has done for someone to their life. I share other peoples testamonials. For instance I shared a testamonial that I learned from a local event in my town with someone else and another testamonial that I learned happened to someone whom I met at my company convention. One of the testamonials worked because I sold a product. If I did not share my friends story nothing would have happened.

Bill Gates for instance is a prime example of a guy who was able to tap into his emotions at the age of 19. He saw everyone having a computer in their house one day and everything being connected, without any proof of evidence being true. That is believing before you see it. Can others see the passion in our eyes when we are having a conversation with them? If not then we must have fun serving people by helping them get what they want, if they can see that we enjoy doing it then they are going to want to be a part of our lives.

Another thing is that they guy should support his wife in the business by doing coaching calls for her, that way she will be more productive in her strengths in building the business while taking care of the kids at the same time. That will make a great team.

One final thing about the network marketing secret revealed is to LISTEN to what goes on around you because then you will get the feeling on how to conduct yourself.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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