Thursday, March 28, 2013

Home Business Truth Revealed On Leaving Safety Net Behind Today

Aleesha Gunther describes the home business truth revealed on leaving your safety net behind because if you do not then you will end up lost in the woods!

This chapter brings to mind all the stories Michael D'Louhy tells us. The story about the door for his daughter's wedding is the story my subconscious mind has chosen to send forth for my conscious mind to recall.

What Michael shares with the people Hill writes about is not simply the use of a BURNING DESIRE to transmute his thoughts into their physical equivalent. For DESIRE alone is not enough. Though Desire may be the emotion or ingredient that sets everything in motion. There are other ingredients which must be present if one is to find success in the achieving of one's goals. You can't have stew without potatoes. Without potatoes it is not stew. But a variation thereof.

We all have the gift of thought. Just as we all have Desires. But this is where the similarities end. There are many of us who have never had stew because we lack the right ingredients. There are many variations there of which have been tasted by some. For example, we have, The Back Up Plan, The Safety Net, Settling for Second Best, Settling for Whatever Comes Our Way and many, many others.

The next must have ingredient after Thought and Desire is BELIEF. You must BELIEVE with all that you are, with every fiber of your being, that you WILL have that which you Desire. You must be All In. You must know exactly, beyond a shadow a doubt, what it is you Desire and you must BELIEVE you WILL have EXACTLY what you Desire. Or, you will end up with a variation there of.

Whatever the Desire may be. IT just IS. Michael did not think or say, "Maybe I will find the perfect door." No. No. No. Michael brought a van instead of a limo because he couldn't fit the door inside the limo. His thoughts, actions and Desires were of him already having the perfect door. He was DETERMINED to have it and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt he would be traveling home with the perfect door. Not just any door. The PERFECT DOOR. Settling for second best never entered his mind.

In comparing Michael to the people in Hill's book, the are many commonalities which they all share. A THOUGHT for something they DESIRE. BELIEF in their DESIRE. Knowing they would have that which they DESIRE beyond a shadow of a doubt. Sheer DETERMINATION and a DEFINITE PURPOSE. PERSISTENCE. And the main ingredient. The beef for our stew. They all have the main ingredient.

They all have the sheer POWER OF WILL. Think back to the characters in the book.

Mr. Barnes: Thought and said, " I WILL be Edison's business associate."
Mr. Darby: "I WILL make this sale. No is not an option."
The Little Girl: "I WILL have that fifty cents." I am not leaving without it.
Mr. Ford: "I WILL have my 8 cylinder engine." I do not care how long it takes.
Michael: " I WILL have the perfect door."

They did not have back up plans or plan B. They did not have safety nets. They were persistent and remained steadfast and true to their Definite Purpose. They had no alternate plans because they did not need them. Having all the other ingredients in place all they needed was the Beef. The Sheer Power of Their Wills.

Are you going to use the home business truth revealed on leaving safety net behind or are you going to have a Plan B and have the just in case mentality?

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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