Thursday, March 12, 2015

Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Power Of Mastermind

There is a network marketing secret revealed on the power of the mastermind. If you think you can build this business alone then think again. Margi Starr explains the reason why you can't!

The Power of the Mastermind

I belong to a number of groups.

Yoga/Pilates’ Class. Being part of this group helps me improve my health. The shared giggles and groans keep it fun.

Love in Action Class. This Sunday morning class connects me with others who enjoy studying God’s Word and serving others. Being a large group enables us to make a significant difference to the needs of others throughout our church and community.

Worship Team. This is where I’m connected with other musicians who lead worship at church. Specialized technicians ensure that we have power for our instruments and that the sound is perfectly balanced. The individual instruments and voices come together to make incredible music.

Sunday Lunch Group. This is a group of two married couples and one friend who lost his wife from Alzheimer’s disease. Every Sunday and sometimes in-between, we eat lunch with these long-time friends and do life together. Our party of five is a constant source of encouragement and support.

The Mental Cleanse Mastermind. This is where I connect with other people who want More-Better-Different for their lives. No matter what has happened throughout my week, I know that this is where I can get recharged and refocused.

These weekly lessons are based on a particular chapter of Think and Grow Rich, but they are far more than a recapitulation of Napoleon Hill’s Wealth Principles. We learn from writing our own lessons, but sometimes the real a-ha comes from reading the lessons of others. When I feel stuck, it may be that my breakthrough comes from reading the insights of another lesson.

Individually these lessons shine like Diamonds and benefit anyone who is on the journey of improving their life.

However, when you consider that this Forum captures not only our Weekly lessons, but also archives the lessons of 50-100 people, 52 weeks a year, for the past five years or so, this Forum is really a Diamond Mine.

As we continue to dig deep within ourselves and apply these principles to our lives, a transformation of Belief gradually occurs.

So grab a safety hat, a miner’s pick, and a good flashlight and come with me to the Diamond Mine.

For it’s here that Diamonds are born.

Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio

Are you gonna be lost in the desert or are you going to take action based on the network marketing secret revealed on the power of the mastermind?

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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