Saturday, March 14, 2015

Top Home Business Secret Revealed Is You Are Message Today

The top home business secret revealed is that you are the message today NOT your upline, not your company owner but YOU. Prospects make buying decisions based on their feeling about you. If they can't get emotional about you by saying that you have helped them more than others and you have taught them new stuff that they are getting results with then they are going to go to your competitor instead of you.

Direct your emotional energy towards helping others in whatever way you can. It does NOT have to only be business, you are being a friend therefore it can be anything else. Ben Drake describes how you can transform energy into whatever subject comes up! Just LISTEN to what they are telling you.

Wow it was emotional energy or sex energy that helped to create those stories which had written in past. Those stories which wrote as a teenager were just part of own imagination of a world that really wanted. Yet the stories also told of the type of person who wanted to be when grew up, a father who had many kids, biological, adopted and fostercare. Yet it was also about a team who was helping others.

What power does our own emotional energy have, when its directed at the right source. Yet it means learning to direct such towards the goals that are working towards. When writing the story I was unaware of even the principal of such and transmuting energy. Yet I am needing to stimulate own mind the memories of love from Jenny and grandmother who have been the major source of love influence throughout own life.

That emotional energy is what can be used to bless own life and to build that life that so desire. Thank you so much to Michael and Linda Dlouhy, Ken Klemm, Brian and Gayle Redding for your own ongoing support, love, encouragement and being their to assist as need. To the most loving wife could ask for thank you for being such a wonderful amazing woman with her heart of gold, being such a beautiful kind sweet loving person. I love you so much Jenny,

Have a wonderful day all, and big hugs
Ben Drake

Now its time to use this top home business secret revealed in business and life by listening to what other people want and helping them get it and if you make it about you then you are toast. Tom Big Al Schrieter says prospects do not care how great your opportunity is, they care about their problems.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. Yes. I'm taking a business course witgh Marie Forleo and the first quarter is dedicated to refining our personal narratives and missions so our customers can feel a connection beyond our products.

  2. Pretty smart decision because prospects do not buy products or join companies. They buy the products and join your team because they know you, like you and trust you.

    Lawrence Bergfeld