Saturday, November 9, 2013

Top Network Marketing Secret Revealed On Utilizing Faith Today

A top network marketing secret revealed on utilizing faith today is taking action and believing that we can have massive mlm success. Why believing? Because there is an old saying you get what you expect. Below is a lesson done by Tuula Rands on how a person can get started on the right foot with faith!

The dictionary tells us “faith is a strong belief or trust
in someone or something.”

Hill tells us we can develop our faith.

So how do we develop our faith to the point that we know beyond any
doubt that we can build a huge Network Marketing business?

I believe, when we first begin, we have to borrow someone
else’s faith.

So I borrowed Michael’s and Linda’s faith. They tell us
“they will believe in us until we believe in ourselves”
and not only did they tell us that, they also continually
prove it by their actions.

The Bible tells us that “faith without works is dead”.

Michael is on all the calls, he is always looking for ways to
help us with tools, he is always available to answer questions,
do coaching calls, etc. etc. Linda is working behind the scenes
keeping the whole thing turning and supporting Michael.

They are proving their faith in us by all these actions,
but somewhere along the line, we have to take possession
of that faith ourselves.

I believe I took possession of that faith in myself to make
my business a success when I answered the question
of how differently I would live my life if I knew I could not fail.

Michael and Linda believe in me, have faith I would
succeed, help me when I need help but I HAD TO TAKE
RESPONSIBILITY. Taking responsibility is also a part of

Faith is not just sitting around and thinking about doing something in my business,
or wishing it would grow faster, wondering why it is working for
others and not me. Faith is not hanging on to excuses.

Faith is taking the responsibility of examining ourselves, being
willing to do everything we can to move our business forward
believing the outcome, and putting our work boots on and
going to work like we know we cannot fail and know success is inevitable.

The only proof we have of our faith is the actions we take and the
more actions we take the more our faith grows.

We are Professional Network Marketers and our actionsare the proof.

Just utilize this network marketing secret revealed on having faith and take responsibility with MASSIVE ACTION and you will live your life way differently than you do today.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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