Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Exclusive Network Marketing Tip On Rapport Today

An exclusive network marketing tip on rapport today is that it must be in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone new for the first time or else it is done. Think about how con-men and TV Commercials build rapport, they talk to the subconcious mind of a person which is the decision making part of the brain.

There is no time for FORM. Which is family, occupation, recreation and motivation. Its no different than jogging with someone, if you go too fast you are way ahead of him, if you are too slow then you guys can't have a conversation. The point is that because we have to talk to a lot of people in mlm we must build rapport quick.

Here is a tip on building rapport that I learned from Tom Big Al Schrieter. I am just curious, do you happen to know someone who wants to create additional income from at home. I am just curious, do you happen to know someone who wants to lose weight. It is a great to use the third party approach for that and referrals because you are speaking to the subconcious mind. You want to remember to avoid saying the words "I or you" because that gives the salesman alarm to others and it ruins everything.

Another way you can repeat that is by saying "Who do you know who wants to lose weight?" Who do you know who wants to create additional income from at home.

When you have a normal conversation with someone about a topic other than business and you switch subjects to bring up your product and or opportunity you can say "Oh by the way, I am just curious... and repeat the same for your product and opportunity." Oh by the way is a great way to bring customers and distributors in because you never know where they are comming from.

Tom Big Al Schrieter says this network marketing tip will work only if you use it NOT if you just are listening to it, it worked for him because he tested it and got results!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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