Thursday, July 4, 2013

Exclusive Home Business Secret Revealed Using The Sixth Sense Today

A top home business secret revealed is using the Sixth Sense correctly because then you will know when its time to put yourself first and do today what others won't so you can have tommorow what others can't. My good friend Toni Laurieto explains it all!!

The door to the temple of wisdom: through which infinite intelligence may and will communicate voluntarily without any effort from or demands by the individual. The sixth sense often comes to one’s rescue if we are still enough to listen and use the principal. Hill also refers to it as the receiving set called “hunches or inspirations”. It comes only through meditation from mind development from within. It is mental and spiritual.

Michael often tells us when you find someone you connect with put them on your top of your list.

Hill talks about how he held an imaginary council meeting with this group of men he called councils.

Hill used the same principle of this philosophy by putting these men on his top list the one’s he most admired.
He imitated these nine men who he was most impressed with in order to shape his character. He wanted to acquire different knowledge and qualities from each of these council members.

This past year, through the use of personal development, I have grown the most. By plugging into the MFF system I am becoming the person I was intended to be. By plugging into the 30 Day Mental Cleanse I am clear about the way I want my life to be, the person I am working on becoming. Very much like Hill had a council; I too am shaping my character from the knowledge of those in leadership that I surround myself with. Jim Rohn: for his business philosophy, positive affirmations and wittiness. John Maxwell: for his leadership. Joyce Meyer: for her faith. My grandmother: for her patience and wisdom.

The sixth sense directs us to accomplish our daily goals, through intuition and by taking action on that intuition. The key to this success is to do what Michael tells us to do. Say our daily self talk. By saying our daily self talk we learn to push fear out of the way and take action and move forward. We learn to program our minds to take us where we want to go to be that person we want to be.

I have much to learn yet on how to obtain the ability to use the sixth sense. I must stay close to the fire by continuing on the 30daymental cleanse. My goal is to master fear like Michael and Ken do, overcome procrastination, and as a yellow I need to master putting myself first so that I can position myself to that financial goal that I have set for myself.

So are you going to use this home business secret revealed on the sixth sense as a direction to accomplish your goals like Michael Dlouhy, Ken Klemn and thousands of other people have or are you going to remain a wandering generality?

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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