Saturday, June 15, 2013

Network Marketing Truth Exposed On Belief

Here is the network marketing truth exposed on belief written by Benjamin Matthew Drake.

This chapter provided a friendly reminder that all along since meeting Jenny I had believed that we were to get married. I had convinced myself of such well before meeting Jenny, through a self talk in the past. I was also acting as if I was already such to Jenny and already taken.

Our thoughts come from our mind and are projected to others minds to them. They can also come from another persons mind, as the chapter on the power of the mastermind has demonstrated you can create another brain when two or more people get together to solve the same problem. As Michael has demonstrated with his video on and that we can literally be changed by good thoughts from another person or negative thoughts from others.

For some people who are constantly around people who think the lack thoughts it becomes their life and programming. Who they are as a person, these people need to find a way to get around those positive people to overcome those influences within their own lives. Weather its listening to audios all nite long and self talk, they have to do something to block out that bad influence. As stated by Napoleon Hill in a previous chapter we are not given any challenge we are unable to overcome.

There is quite often a way to do such, it’s a matter of saying I am going to do this even though it may be the last thing I do. Jim Rohn puts it well when he says “This is my mountain in life, you will either see me waving my flag from the top or dead on the side as I am not coming back”. Personally this says I am not going to be that same person. I am going for that goal and achieve it.

Numerous people have gone through the challenges and come out the otherside. When a man is convinced that he can do something, nothing is going to stop him. As Napoleon Hill states we also need to use auto suggestion (self talk) and faith. We have to build our faith regularly.

Thank you to my wonderful mentors Michael Dlouhy, Willena Flewelling and Ken Klemm for your love inspiration guidance and support. To the mental cleanse participents thank you for your inspiring lessons,

Abundant love, hugs and health
Benjamin Mathew Drake
Mona Vale Sydney NSW Australia

Now it is time to use the network marketing truth exposed on belief by being around all the positive people who help you get results in business and in life and eliminate the negative ones because one negative person ruins everything!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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