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Exclusive Home Business Secret Revealed On Being Focused Today

An exclusive home business secret revealed on being focused today is to first of all be a part of a mastermind group because nobody can build this business alone. It takes a team of people from different backgrounds getting together and staying together to assist each other in accomplishing their goals. Andrew Carnegie built his empire by using the ideas his mastermind group shared with him. He first created a plan. Then he set goals with deadlines and took action!! Remember the definition of a goal is a dream with a time limit!

Here is how Bev Bojarskis lesson plan can help you accomplish your goals.

The Ninth Step toward Riches

Power…the Mastermind is the Driving Force that creates power for me in my endeavours. The human mind is a form of energy, partially being spiritual in nature. When the minds of two or more people harmonize for the same cause or objective, the spiritual units of energy form an affinity, the “psychic” phase, a powerful part of the Mastermind. I don’t have to really understand the How of this, but I need to understand that it is essential to my life, my goals. This is a process only Nature understands, God’s laws of Nature translates this energy into matter, the building blocks available to mankind. It is the Energy involved in THINKING! This puts even more clarity on the title of this great book.

There is such Great Power shared by all in this harmonious Mastermind group, the greatest part being that it is headed by Infinite Intelligence. The senses being of man are not always reliable, on the other hand Infinite Intelligence DOES NOT ERR! Wow, my Mastermind is really powerful, what a resource of abundance at my “thinking call”. Hill puts great emphasis on Thinking and Mediating as I read this chapter, so that my perspective can see not just the details of this chapter but how all the chapters flow together and relate in a powerful chain reaction.

My power here must be mixed with FAITH, DESIRE, PERSISTENCE, applied through a plan and that plan must be set into ACTION! They all work together as a unit and they all are necessary to the success of my life and goals. These are all positive Things and Emotions that will keep me on the side of the river that flows upward to Wealth. I am so tired of drifting downward toward mediocrity, poverty and misery.

The ONLY way I change from one side of the river to the other from the negative to the positive is to APPLY what I have learned here, my THINKING PROCESS, staying positive in mind, spirit and body will keep me on the right side of the river. It reminds me of the song, keep on the sunny side….
What happens around me is not what matters, it is how I perceive it that matters. Only through application and use can I propel myself over to the good side and only through application and use of the Positive Emotions can I stay there.

I think about how charged I am after a mental cleanse call with my great Mastermind, that gives me the energy and positivity to keep on keeping on. We are in harmony about being on the right side of positivity. We care for and encourage one another. We share and uplift. Now how great and powerful is that! My part in this Mastermind is to live in the Now in the Positive Emotions, saying my self-talk daily, staying plugged in, reading good books, and anything that applies positivity, all these are tools of action.

Thank you for the journey, it is great and powerful to be among like-minded friends.

So are you going to plug into a mastermind group who is building their companies today or are you going to follow the friends and family technique that worked yesterday. Bev Bojarski is on her way to being a shining star in her company. Therefore if you just read about this exclusive home business secret revealed on being focused today without using it, then it will be useless!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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