Sunday, February 24, 2013

MLM Secret Exposed On Getting Customers Today

The mlm secret exposed on getting customers today is as follows. Kim Klaver mentions that if you talk to 100 people you will get ten customers and one distributor. Some of your customers will become distributors and will be the best ones because they are already used to the product and they have a testamonial!

You do not have to use every single product that your company has. Sam Walton who is a billionaire did not. He gave people in Walmart the products that they wanted to have.

At my company convention last month there were 6000 people most of them started out as a customer. Richard Dennis for two years was a customer back before the internet in his mlm company before he became a distributor and built a million dollar organization in three years.

My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy says that is not the best hamburger that is sold it is the MARKETING of it. You want to have a product that has a Mob of people raving for it.

If you do not use this mlm secret exposed on getting customers today then it is your loss!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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