Sunday, February 17, 2013

Home Business Secret Revealed On Victory

A great home business secret revealed on victory is to turn every negative into a positive. Here is a prime example done my a network marketing millionaire Michael Dlouhy back when he was 16 years old: When Michael Dlouhy was 16 years old his parents took him out of high school because he had to help his father out in the garage. He thought that the only thing that would determine his success was a college education.

That was not even true. His wife Linda Dlouhy who he met at his fathers garage was able to tell him that she loved him. It really helped him a great deal because he did not love himself because of all the abuse that he had as a child. To make a long story short he became a millionaire and had two kids after he got married because he loved himself.

Click on the link below to discover how Michael Dlouhy won the BMW at his company convention by programing the theatre in his mind.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: The home business secret revealed on victory will work only if you USE it!

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