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Champion Home Business Secret Revealed On Thinking Critically Today

A champion home business secret revealed on critically today means that you take a deep breath and you pay attention to what is being said and how is it being said. If you do not understand then ask the person to back it up with facts and do a google search on him to verify what he has told you. That way if you did not get accurate information from the person, you will know whether he is telling you the truth or not. Marsha Sortino in her lesson plan gives you a perfect example of all what I described.

Last week I offered some keys to hope and success.

This week, we are going to talk about persistence. And I cannot give you this because this it is up to you completely. I can inspire you like the coach and mentor to never give up and move on, keep going but that's all I can do. It's up to you to use the act of the will we call will power to not give up ever and give it your very best!

I can ask you to send an activity report, get on the 30 day mental cleanse, join our mastermind group, speak up on the calls but I can't make you do it.

We all understand the meaning of persistence, to never give up, to keep going despite all the challenges we may be facing.

We are going to meet them along the way, that's called meeting life on life's terms. But that doesn't mean we have to let life drag us down. That does not mean we have to let life's term determine our life.

It means we find ways to invigorate, innovate, and renew our minds to the right way of thinking so the everyday obstacles and demands make us stronger.

Hill compares "the word “persistence,” having the ... "quality the character of man what carbon is to steel."

You've got to have a definite burning desire first, that all encompassing WHY has to be known deep in your heart! Then that belief sets in. Next, you have to have a definite plan of action that compels you to act, to take action.

Then we must follow the steps Mr. Hill designs for us even if is starts out as baby steps. And we have the MFF system to help us. For those of us using the MFF Pro system, we have the perfect recipe.

Persistence induces faith but you will never have a chance to experience it till you make it a habit.

Even God expects from us our very best! There will be days you have when you don't feel like praying. We may feel that our prayers aren't being heard.

Well there goes the test of praying unceasingly till we get the answers to our prayers. It's the same principle here.

Now l will share a personal story of a case I came across on FB.

Yesterday, I sent a letter to a gentleman who came right back at me with a denial that the MFF system works. I had never had anyone say this to me before, ever! He complained about the letter being too long and that it was swype because he received the same letter from someone else the night before.

And I replied back thank you for your view here but I disagree. And I said, that it was good that others are sending letters to know as it meant it was duplicating. I did not apologize or argue as I stand firm with my view.

He came back at me with this answer which I won't quote word for word. I'll just explain it

He said he had been hired by 7 figure earners and built 2 down lines of 15000 plus, and he was just trying to help me.

Wow, wow, well of course, curiosity got me checking his profile. In the past, I would have never done this, but I guess it's the green side of me thinking critically now.

Let's see now. His FB profile tells me a different story completely.

A google search for his name also tells me differently!

If you are going to tell me you've built 2 down lines and have been hired by 7 figure earners, I would expect to see something on the internet about your having done this. Someone would reply and speak praises about you in some post somewhere, anywhere! I chuckled at this thought. I couldn't help myself as I searched for the evidence.

I expect to see the social proof just as I see it about Michael Dlouhy and with MFF, all the leaders who pave the way for us.

I thought to myself, if you have built 2 down lines, what happened to them? Where are they now? Why is it that you have been jumping ship from opportunity to opportunity? I immediately knew who I was dealing with and what I had encountered. The EGO. So I finished the chat and moved on!

As a critical thinker, I knew well enough to move on, to leave the person alone. Don't get stuck in an incessant conversation in proving a point.

It isn't necessary to prove you are right, is it? Of course not! But it is interesting to see with your own eyes in doing a search. But then move on as there are too many people out there asking, begging for help.

You know who you are and what you are made of which is the steel Hill mentions.

So be persistent in the things that matter! The MFF calls, your “self talk”, the trainings, the follow-ups, the 30 day mental cleanse, and the mastermind group will take you much further than you ever imagined you could go!

When you see it from the right perspective, your personal growth, your becoming the leader you expect to become, you will have aha moments that carry you further.

If you are going to have bragging rights, be ready with proof from a google search! Stick with MFF, be persistent in your daily actions, and you will grow into the leader and when you do a google search of your name, you will see lots of great supporting leaders here, evidence of a supportive community. These are the patterns and signs I see now. I have seen evidence, the proof of time that MFF has created leaders in the industry. Many I do not know as they started before me, but you can google their names and you recognize that first association they had with MFF. They have grown into leaders who lead. Many I do know now personally and they are leaders.

I don't have a blog yet, but I can google my name and see social proof that I am happy to say I am very pleased. Thank you all the wonderful friends & mentors I have here who have shared my lessons on their blogs. I thank you with all my heart!

Again, I will say once more, persistence is in not giving up in what you truly believe in and in knowing what really works! After all, your thinking begins to see patterns and signs that can hardly be ignored. These patterns and signs induce your faith as you see clearly the path and direction you are taking is the right path!

I hope I have helped someone to see the difference through my perspective here at MFF.

So I leave you with one question now.

Who are you going to believe?

The leaders who pave the way with all the social proof and education about the industry, or the wannabe leader who only claims his fame without the social proof?

So are you going to apply what Marsha taught you on the home business secret revealed on thinking critically today or are you just going to be gullible as you have always been in the past?

Lawrence Bergfeld

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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